Why Realtors can be frustrating

Why Realtors can be frustrating

Why Realtors can be frustrating
Why Realtors can be frustrating

Why realtors can be frustrating, is not necessary their character, but the lack of knowledge they have on their clients.

Friends, family and even viewers from my blogs, have communicated requests that an article be written in hopes there would be positive results.

I am Not a realtor, but I have purchased and sold homes many times in my life, and have felt the frustrations! So many times, I have seen people argue with their realtors on pricing, myself included. 

I will never forget one year, I had a realtor who was so adamant on me lowering the price, she was smoking a whole pack of cigarettes, and then venting it was my fault.  “I thought to myself, if I am having that kind of effect on her, she needs to change careers, or at least drop me as a client.” She kept repeating herself; “it will never sell, it will NEVER SELL!  After a few days of communicating back and forth, we came to an agreement that we would do a 3 week trial and then have another conversation about it. So I began posting fun facts about my home onto different social media sites, and within 2 weeks, we had a buyer! 

Famous WORDS from realtors:  “That house is way overpriced!” In many cases realtors walk away, because their clients are NOT receptive to their suggestions. “Sellers, You can’t have your cake and eat it to.”  Yes, realtors can be so freaking frustrating, but lets focus on the features and benefits of realtors. It will help keep a healthy dialogue if you go in with a positive outlook.  Realtors can be an important part of the selling process, because they are advocating on our behalf.  They are filtering out all of those non-qualified, non-serious buyers, so your precious time is not wasted. 

When we are selling or buying, our stress level tends to be raised – causing our Patience to be tested!  So it’s important to have “ME-TIME”, because at the end of the day, realtor or no realtor, selling, or buying a home, can be exhausting!

Now as far as the Price goes, if you want to list an amount that a realtor expresses to be over priced, then get involved and participate!  Learn about the features and benefits of neighborhoods close by, and what’s to do within a 30 mile radius.  Are the beaches near by? What about malls or shopping centers? Any events that happen monthly or yearly? Sports? Concerts? And Schools, don’t forget about the needs of growing families.  If you are not familiar, then get out there and learn your surroundings.  There’s always interesting benefits of any location. 

Like the saying: “someone’s trash is another one’s treasure!” That saying goes for Locations of real-estate properties as well, Somewhere out there, is a buyer that your home is Perfect for!  

Example: Corner lot has 3 bed / 2 baths and is 2,000 sqft, and another property has 5 bed/ 4 baths, then another property 3 doors down, has 2 bed / bath, and all the same price, and the same sqft.  One property has a more-open floor plan, where another property has less space due to the additional bedrooms. One buyer, may see the potential for expansion later down the road, but likes that it’s an open-floor plan.  Another buyer, may just want more bedrooms and might just be the most important feature, where another buyer may like the house with a big back yard, another may not want to maintain it.  The point is: Don’t just focus on price and current market.  And communicate your needs to your realtors! Ask for an appointment, don’t just call them. Realtors tend to immediately put their guard up, because they are faced with judgments on a constant basis.  If after you have put efforts into communicating your needs, and they still are not receptive to them, then communicate your concerns to someone higher up if you can.

Why Realtors can be frustrating
Why Realtors can be frustrating

Realtors, If we want to list our homes at a certain price, please be open to it.  Compromise and react with a little more empathy.  Believe it or not, you will have more cooperation from your clients if they feel you’re listening.  A lot of times sellers want to be advised throughout the process.  It’s how you act towards their suggestions that causes them to resist and react. Moving can trigger so much anxiety, because thoughts of expenses, and worried their items will get broken or lost. Lots of thoughts!  So if you consider yourself to be a person of empathy, then just have a little bit more, because it will go along way.  Keep their minds busy, by having them participate in a productive way.  If they are continuously contacting you, then it’s clear they want to help.  Even if it’s something small, this is their home, and nothing is to small.  Everything is a big deal, so find something for them to participate in.  It could be a great experience and they may see just how difficult your job is as well. Features and Benefits of locations are important, so if you see your clients are eager to get involve, then ask them to research fun facts on the area their home is in.

Hope this post was helpful.

Good Luck Everyone!

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